First task is to extract the data required, at least the image components, sound will come later. The augmented data processing with dlib will take perhaps a few days or so, with roughly 1,000,000 images generated from the video files for training and test datasets. I used a GCP lowContinue Reading

Compete in Kaggle cheaply! Use a local basic server for proof-of-concept (with restricted hyperparameters) and then deploy the models to GCP or AWS in the cloud. A useful way of doing this is to use a git repository, both for versioning and to have a seamless data environment between localContinue Reading

This competition requires you to distinguish between real and fake videos, both in video and in sound. Final position is based upon your ability to filter the real vs fakes from a 4000 video dataset. You are provided with approximately 100,000 training/test set videos. Submitted to qualify for free GCPContinue Reading