About Me

Looking for contract work.

Examples of my work can be viewed here on gitlab.

I have also given presentations at NCR (for the Edinburgh JUG) on both Kotlin Architecture and Android System Security internals that can be viewed here.

Skills include TensorFlow 2, Python 3 and the associated libraries (Pandas, NumPy, matplotlib etc) in building cloud based ML solutions on GCP, covering conventional FFNN, CNN, RNN and lately GANs.

Recently I have also started using Julia and Flux.

I am flexible, hard-working and innovative with a wide skill set in Software Engineering with the usual such as much Linux, docker, MySQL, PHP, Apache (LAMP), git, imperative languages and some AOSP work.

My interests are Programming language history and design as well as general ML. 

Contact: Ed Austin +44 7726 05 0000 red@ryer.ru

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